A friend who recently moved from London to France saved himself more than £1,000 by using a removal broker. These people take all the details of your move and then find the best quote. ET Brokers, the firm my friend used, charged a £35.25 fee (0870 800 3880, The Times Online travel article


'Even finding a removal firm was easy: a company called ET Brokers put me in touch with a very reasonably priced company and sorted everything out for a fee of just £30. Another bargain and another headache avoided'

Hi Jenny,

Firstly I would like to thank ET Brokers for once again arranging an extremely cost effective and efficient shipment of goods from our house in Spain.
You asked me to give you some feedback on XXXXXX Removals – they were excellent! Steve was very helpful, the delivery was on time (to the minute!) and the guys were very helpful. I thoroughly recommend them.
Thank you again for everything.

Philip Priscott
April 2008

Just to let you know that the move with xxxxxxx went very smoothly, indeed he arrived at the property before us! They were very helpful and friendly and I was a bit ashamed that (due to lack of electrics) I couldn’t offer them a cup of tea.
Many thanks for your help. I have transferred your fee to your bank and as far as I am concerned it was well worth every penny.
Best wishes
Michael Vicary
March 2008

"By the way, I also meant to give you some feedback on the move:
XXXXXXXXX were absolutely fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone. They were friendly, highly professional, and extremely efficient. It made the whole process a breeze (relatively speaking). Thanks very much for getting us together. Be sure to keep them on your books.
Best wishes,and thanks ,
Piers (now settled in York)
March 2008

Dear Peter

As feedback on our move we would like to say that the company you found for us XXX Removals were excellent, even managing to deliver our things a day early since that suited us. And at a much more competitive price than other companies as well.

Thank you for your help and for an excellent service.

Kind regards

Edward Mills

I have put your cheque in the post today, I didn't have a chance to put a note in with it but it has my name on it!
Thanks again for all your help, it was a relief to find you by chance on the internet after trying to do it all myself, and I saved 600 euros.
All the best,
Katharine Ridgard

Dear All at ET
Just to let you now we are now in Wells - arrived yesterday afternoon in time for tea!  I can't tell you how grateful we are for all your hard work in sorting out a potentially disastrous move.  Have spoken to XXXXXXXXXX this morning and all OK.  Lovely man.
It is pouring with rain - but I gather that it is the same in Lavergne and it is lovely to be back in Wells
Thank you again Sue and John Deacon - July 2007

Dear Jenny,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for arranging the removal of our furniture to the Aude in France on the 2nd July 2007.
The company XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX were most helpful in the pre-arrangements and their promptness and efficiency on the day of removal was excellent. On the French side the employees Dave and Joe were thoroughly professional in the handling of the furniture particularly manoeuvring around some difficult areas.
I would certainly use both you and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX again without any hesitation and will recommend you to others.
Yours sincerely
Sean Hayes
July 2007

Hi Peter
ust to let you know that our move from Galaroza, Spain to Frome, UK on 12 December with XXXX went smoothly. They were very friendly and efficient and we were happy with their service.
Thanks for your service and we shall recommend you and XXXXX to others!
Kind regards,
Jo Williams - January 2007

To whom it may concern
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my removal. ……They made the move tolerable and stress free !!!!! We are moving again in about a year and I would definitely ask you again… 10 out of 10. !!!
Corporate Development Director
Christian Salvesen - January 2007

Sorry to be so slow, I was a bit – well a lot – panicked about the move. But xxxxxxxx have been great and your cheque is on the move too. In the post is such a cliché I hate to offer it, but that’s where it is.
Many thanks for all your help,
Laline - December 2006

Dear Peter

Somewhat belated email re the move to France, but I wanted to pass on our feedback. Pat and Roy were brilliant - lots of calls from them beforehand to make sure everything went smoothly, and they did an amazing job of getting the stuff to us on time given difficulties with the weather. The ferries were delayed all of the week we were moving, but despite being stuck abroad, they managed to get another van to collect our stuff. This was transferred and everything arrived on time in perfect condition. They had to rearrange their crossing as Dover was such a mess, so we are very grateful to them for their efforts. They were also very helpful once at the house in France.,
I would heartily recommend them and of course yourselves, to anyone doing a similar move.
Best wishes for the festive season

Elaine Langford - December 2006

Dear Peter,

This is a brief note to say how much we have appreciated XXXXXXXXXXXXX's services for picking up our load from France last May and for warehousing it and now delivering to new address.
Thanks for finding them for us.
Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Jones - November 2006

Message to Peter at ETBrokers
Our move to Switzerland is now completed and I would like to report
how happy we have been both with the service of ET Brokers but also
with the moving company XXXXXXXX who were professional and helpful and
charming. Thank you.
William Winter - November 2006

Hi Peter,
Just a quick note to apologise for not taking you out to lunch while I was in France. Because Garry and the boys got to me a day early I never got the chance. So please send me an invoice instead and I will get the money transferred to you. Secondly, just to let you know what I thought of XXXXXXXXX. In a word – fantastic.
They were hard-working, turned up when we wanted, were careful, polite, friendly. I could not recommend them too highly. Thanks again for organising everything. Look forward to hearing from you.
Regards Andrew - November 2006

Peter Driscoll at ET Brokers and Thomas at XXXXXX Removal
Gentlemen – I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you in you very speedy and efficient way you carried out this work, to say the least, I am extremely pleased  
Again I thank you and all the very best for the future
Regards Kevin - November 2006

Herewith, requested feed back on my move 23rd Oct Portsmouth - The Netherlands.I am very pleased with the service I received, you provided a good contact at a reasonable price and the guys from XXXXXXXXXXX did a great job; I pushed them very hard as I needed the original schedule of a one day move kept no matter what and I didn't want to get involved myself as they were covered by insurance and had the expertise and I was not. They acheived that by working into the middle of night and still took adequate care of my stuff and the house that (although I haven't unpacked and checked everything) I didn't see any damage to anything, despite terrible weather conditions and their 18 hour day.
Kind regards
Paul Ingram - October 2006

Many thanks .... Received on all three email addresses!! I've just paid your invoice (on Carmen's behalf) via BACS transfer from my UK bank. Thanks for all your help (again!!). I will certainly pass on your details!
David - October 2006

XXXXXXX delivered my stuff today. They were efficient and really nice guys,
so many thanks for your help.
Roderick Young - October 2006

Dear Martine
I just wanted to say thank you for recommending XXXXXXXXXX, they were excellent and we used them for my mothers house move.
Kind regards
Diane - October 2006

thanks a million.
XXXXXXX contacted me and we're trying to arrange everything.
I'll make the bank transfer for you tomorrow and will contact you to confirm.

Kind regards,
Corrado - October 2006

Hi Peter
Thanks for sorting me out so far we have saved £2000 on the best other quotes, I have sent you our payment of £35.50 by bank transfer I hope !! 

 hope to meet you soon in Eymet
Paul McClure - June 12 2006

Dear Peter,
Just a short note of thanks for all your help finding a removal company.  I’m so glad I discovered you (you were highly recommended in an expat website forum – “Living France” I think) as it has made things so much easier for my forthcoming move.  I would be very happy to use and recommend your services in the future.
I’ve sent your payment today by electronic transfer so it should reach your account in a few days.

Best regards
Richard Allen - June 9 2006

Many thanks for your introduction to XXXXXXX. The job was done very efficiently and right on time. I am very satisfied with the services of ET Brokers and of XXXXXX Carrier Services.
With best regards,
Brian - April 19 2006

Dear ET
Just a quick note to thank you for putting us in touch with XXXXXXXX.
Our move from High Wycombe to Pont Audemer in Normany went very smoothly - Dominic collected the furniture as arranged, delivered the furniture as arranged, nothing was damaged, lost or broken and it cost £1000 less thanour other quotes! What more could we ask!
 Many thanks for your help.
Viv Smith - 05 April 2006

Dear ET
XXXXX - what a bloody nice bloke! I would certainly have no hesitation inrecommending him to anyone, and am greatful that you did so to me.It was a snag free move.And the kids want to know when he's coming back!
Thanks Peter S.- April 2006

Thanks for this - I will be back in UK on Friday and arrange to pay your invoice then. We have had an email for the Portuguese removal company and I will arrange directly with them.
Thanks for all your help.
Best regards,
Kerry - March 2006

Dear Jenny
Many thanks for your e-mail, I have contacted XXXXXXXXXX and spoken to him regarding the move from Stuttgart and hopefully XXXXXX is on his way to collect the goods. I hope the move goes as smoothly as your operation in getting the move sorted out. Thank you for your help in organising this in such a short (Four Hours!!) space of time.  
Marion Armstrong - 28 March 2006

Dear Peter,
It is looking promising. Nigel phoned as promised to tell me when to expect him and I will be waiting with the flask of tea tomorrow morning.
Later in the year, you may hear from a Mr XXXXX in Bilbao, Spain who is an ex_British Airways colleague and friend of mine. They are selling up and moving further south in Spain and I have given him your details.
All the best and thanks again,
Angela XXXXX  Rieti, Italy.

Hi Peter,
I have paid the invoice of £35.25 into your bank account today, it should arrive this week. Please let me know if there are any problems.  
You asked me to give you feedback on XXXX. Overall they were good. The removal guys were especially excellent, helpful, very hardworking and friendly. They picked up and dropped off when they said they would.   
On balance - a good choice.
 All the best

Dear Peter,
Thank you for putting us in touch with XXXXXXXXXXXXX who we have decided to use for our move from Levignac de Guyenne(Duras) to Salisbury.
Many thanks for your very efficient and helpful service.
Kind regards.
Fran Parmenter

Dear ET Brokers
Thank you for your email and your assistance in organising this.I would like pick up on Friday 17 March.Will be in touch later on today.
Caroline Forbes

Dear Peter
This is great
I will post the cheques for etbrokers this week.
Many thanks and kind regards

Hi Peter
Both I, and all my furniture, are now back from Italy safely so I'm just dropping you a line, like you asked, to let you know how things went. Basically I was very happy with it all.  
Thanks for all your help sorting things out. I don't think I'll be needing to move any more furniture in the near future (please god!!) but if I do need transport in the future I'll give you a call.
Best wishes
Louise Goodman

Hello thank you for you help and your persistence. You saved me a lot of money and time for my family. I just sent this check today by post. Many thanks


Dear Peter,
XXXXXXX who you arranged has just moved a small consignment of our goods within Switzerland and another consignment to France. They did an excellent job at reasonable cost, and thank you for your excellent service.
Best regards,
David Scotson

Dear Peter,
Many thanks for your help.  I have spoken to XXXXXX in Weybridge, who confirm that they will have no difficulty meeting the requirement to make the goods available for collection next Monday or Tuesday…..
I will also make sure that a cheque goes to you in payment for brokering the arrangement tomorrow.
With best wishes,

Sorry it took so long for me to pay your invoice but I am suspicious by nature and I wanted to make sure everything is ok before I part with any money. XXX collected the furniture this morning and all is fine.
Thank you very much for all your help. The electronic transfer should show the money on Wednesday in your account.
Merry Christmas.
Kirsten Knight

Dear Peter

Thank you very much for your help in finding a removal company for us. XXXXXX and his team, Ted, Nico and Tim, did a great job in moving us. They were happy, cheerful and obliging throughout the move and I would recommend them to anyone.

We have found a brown parka jacket which possibly belongs to one of the lads. If they are passing by they are more than welcome to call in for a cup of tea and collect the jacket if it is one of theirs.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Kath Shevlin

You have done your bit and a great job so far. I will be liaising with XXXXX and look
forward to a happy removal to France.
Thanks again, glad I looked on the web.
Kind regards and have a lovely Christmas and New Year
Sue and Rob Aitchison

Dear Mr Driscoll

Thank you for your email. This is a brief note to advise you that I have today paid your account via electronic transfer from my bank and I have used the reference FREEMAN so that you will recognise it when it arrives.

As you suggested I spoke to XXXXXX and made the arrangements with them and they collected the goods exactly as he promised on time (actually they very kindly were waiting outside the door so as not to disturb us before the agreed time) and they are now on his van. He is obviously a very experienced driver and very nice guy as well.
With many thanks for your help.
Kind regards
Roger Freeman

All in all a very good service
Thanks to you for arranging same
Julian Clement-Bromley

I highly recommend XXXXXXXXXX who did my move last week. Andyand Tel did a great job, from the pick up in Portsmouth to the final placing of all my stuff in my apartment - really helpful, reliable ,hard-working and friendly. I think they've done a lot of work through you and I can see why! Thank you at ET too.
Best regards
Elaine Blake

Many thanks for your part in putting the two of us together. I will definitely use your services again (if needed) and will spread the word to friends.
Neil Keighley

Thanks for arranging Christmas early for us! Please convey my regards and gratitude to Barbara also. As mentioned this morning, your professionalism was refreshing and reassuring, I must say, about the industry.

When you consider the obscene prices I was quoted by both French and British mainstream firms (some easily 4 times what I will end up paying) , I am gald I came across you and Barbara. I will make a bank transfer to you as soon as I have confirmed with Dave.
All the best and again thanks for the friendly service.
Richard Eloli

We shall arrange for the fee (£30) to be transferred into your account over the next couple of days.  In the meantime, thank you for your help.  We are still slightly amazed, in a very pleasant way, at the quality of your service.  This is a pleasure compared to our arrival out in Spain!  Many thanks and best wishes.  

Hello Peter,
Sorry for not writing sooner, but we've been a bit busy as I'm sure you'll understand! The move to France went very well, the XXXXX chaps at both ends were very efficient and very helpful, making the process a very pleasant one - rather different from our previous experience in England. We'll certainly recommend your service and, in fact, already have to some friends. Many thanks again.
Linda & Trevor Shaw

Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for providing with such an excellent company as XXXX. They did a fantastic job if the chance comes up I hope to use them again.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,
William Jeffcock

Dear Mr.Driscoll,
I would just like to thank you for your help in finding another removal company at such short notice. It is most appreciated and you can be sure that I will be recommending your services to my friends.


Hi there, cheque gone off today to Kinswinford. V many thanks againfor an unusually courteus and swift service. will give you feed back on removers.

Liz Stirling

Dear Peter,
I know this has taken sometime but I have only recently set up my French isp.
I would just like to say 'thankyou' for recommending XXXXXXXX for our removals to the Charente, France. This company were absolutely wonderful at both ends, that is packing and storage and eventual delivery to our home in France. The persons involved at each end with our move could not have been more helpful and careful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.

Regards M.F (Somerset)

Dear Peter

Thank you very much for your help in helping us move from France to Ireland. I very much appreicate the friendliness of your company and the way you got back to us as soon as posssible. If I hear of anyone needing to move to France or any other country I will certainly advise my friends to contact your company as you deal with more than one company and have given the best price and the best service.

Thank you once again and I will let you know how the removal company goes with our househod goods when they arrive in Ireland.

Yours Sincerely
Emer & Oliver Le Gall-Morin

Dear Peter,
Thanks for your honesty, most refreshing to find it these days. Thanks again.
G.C (Hong Kong)

Thank you for this.
A cheque will be in the post to you tomorrow morning.
I came across you totally by chance on an internet trawl of removal firms and what luck! Not only have you both provided me with an efficient and friendly service, but you have saved me a lot of stress, hassle and time and given me an affordable move. I still find the concept of your company incredible and can't quite get my head around how it all works but am just happy to be on the receiving end !
With best wishes for your own demenagement in the autumn

Yes, I was very pleased with your service, very well worth your fee. The company I chose from those you recommended, xxxx Removal, was fine and he was very approachable.
I will recommend you to others.
Thank you very much,

Thank you so much for all your help, I will put the cheque in the post.
Seems odd using a company from cardiff as that is where we moved from 4 years ago! Just to let you know I have NO negative feedback regarding your service. The good feedback I have posted onto the Living France Forum and will also put it onto Total France and AngloInfo.

Once again Thanks for your help and your prompt service.


Many thanks for co-ordinating this.  I will send cheque in the post.
Of course I'll pass on any comments from the removal company.  But for the record I was a bit sceptical about using etbrokers at first as I thought it would be very impersonal and that it would all be done via e-mail and no human interaction.  I'm now very glad I did use you - I've saved loads of money, had brilliant service from you and will gladly recommend ETBrokers to all and sundry.

Norma - UK

I was hoping that you could help again

J.W. - Paisley

Thank you for all your help.  This is really an excellent quote - I will most definately tell others about it!

J.W - Paisley

When we decide to bring it to London we will contact you first, as the level of service you have provided so far has been much better than any other company we have contacted.

B.P - London

Thank you for your help with sorting this move out, we were pleased to have found such a company as yours and will of course recommend you.

J. F. Essex

Just to say thank you for everything. xxxxx was great, very organised, Andy a star and they delivered our things in 7 days, so excellent!

C. J. - Birmingham

It's still 400 pounds cheaper than the cheapest company here so please book it!

 J.D. - Austria

Thank you for all your help.  This is really an excellent quote - I will most definately tell others about it!

P. D - Farndon

Thank you for your continued care and concern...

P. C. - France

Many thanks. Certainly have no negative comments so far.

J. B. - Shropshire

Many thanks for your help, it will certainly save me a quite a few hundred pounds.  I will contact the removers and confirm dates.

J. P. - Midlands

Many thanks for organising this, I have put a cheque in the post. I have been very impressed with your service and would not hesitate to recommend it.

L. S. - Pollestres

I would like to thank you for your efforts. Although we did not end up taking up your recommendation, I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. The prices you provided were extremely competitive and service was excellent.

T. V. - Netherlands

I'm pleased to say that xxxxx delivered yesterday evening, and all went well.  They were really nice people to deal with, so thanks for that. All in all, we were very pleased with the service we received using your company, and would definitely recommend you to anyone else needing removal services.

 J. P. - Scotland

Many thanks for everything xxxxx were excellent I'm telling everyone about you.

S. M. - Blackpool

Many thanks for your efficient response.

P. H. - Chester

Once again, thanks for your prompt assistance, and we shall not hesitate to recommend your services.

M. A. - Cardiff

Again, I'd like to thank you for your help, I realise that the poor service we received was not your fault and I'll be happy to recommend ET Brokers to friends, but I'd certainly recommend caution to anyone considering employing xxxxx Sorry to go on at so much length, but you did ask.

W. G - Plumpton

Many, many thanks for your excellent service.  It was first class & I have alread recommended you to a couple of friends who plan to move to the Continent, too.

S. A.-J. - Germany

Thanks for your service.

B. G. - Luddham

Thanks for all your help.

H. E. - Worcester

They collected my things yesterday, very happy with the service so far.

G. H. - Dorset

Overall, excellent value for money and a relatively stressless experience

I. G. - Spain

P.S. I will certainly recommend your service when anyone asks about removals.

F. O. - Newcastle

Thank you very much for all your help with our move to Spain and if you need any recommendation for future clients then we would be happy to oblige.

D. & C. B - Spain