Corporate Moves

Over the past years we have organised moves for thousands of people and in some 5% of cases it has been the employer who has paid all or a portion of the removal costs. Traditionally employers have taken two distinct approaches to assisting an employee to move. The first is the giving of an allowance to the employee and the second is that the employer himself will foot the bill. In the latter case the normal procedure is for the employer to ask the employee to obtain at least three Quotes. The employer then decides the quote to be accepted, which is usually the cheapest.

This approach is fatally flawed as often the employee has only perhaps asked ten or so companies for quotes and secondly price is not always a good indicator of service levels.

We, as an Independent brokerage, by asking hundreds of companies for quotes will usually find the best deals on price and service when compared to an individual.

Further due to our market position we are in an excellent position to provide employers with information on selected companies that would be otherwise unavailable. This is simply because we have over the past years asked every one of our clients to provide us with direct feedback on the companies that we have selected for them. As a result we actually really do know what service levels companies can provide!

In short why not ask us to source your removal companies for your employees? It will save you time, money and ensure high service levels at all times. If you are an employee please bring our service to the attention of your HR department, it will save you trolling for removal companies and giving the same information several times as well as saving your company money!

If you are a business owner, over the past three years we have organised the relocations of eight offices, six of them involving cross border moves click here to find out more.



Corporate moves
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